Virus will exploit any weakness they can find. It’s up to you to make sure that’s not easy to do. If you have an Android, you should know, more than 950 million of them are vulnerable to what’s being called the Stagefright virus.

In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you are careful not to download any suspect apps. The virus could get in through an app that’s already part of your Android operating system, the one responsible for text messages. By default, it processes incoming multi-media messages without asking you first.

For now only antivirus that can protect you against Stagefright is FREE ANTIVIRUS PRO from NNC.
Other antivirus companies are working in rush on updates for their antivirus apps



Why is nobody smart enough to locate hackers and execute them? Our nation could be destroyed by hacking into our military or any of our infrastructure. The typical fix for software vulnaribilities is more software. This is akin to putting stronger doors or locks on your home to prevent burglaries. I would prefer to gun down the burglar in my yard, and, yes, it's legal if you fear for your life.